The Department of Communication Sciences of Ghent University is happy to announce that it will be hosting this year’s Etmaal van de Communicatiewetenschap. The theme of Etmaal 2018 conference is Transcultural exchanges & communication flows, focusing on the cultural exchange and relationship between the Netherlands and Flanders.

In times of globalization, migration and an increasing number of transborder partnerships of economic, military, cultural and political nature alike, media play a crucial role in forging intercultural and international bonds while facilitating cultural exchange. Within this vibrant framework, media organizations are however experiencing a remarkable paradox. In terms of structural and organizational operations, they are forced to think globally while their audiences continue to prefer local content that is culturally proximate and hence force the media organizations to act locally. News media for instance are increasingly domesticating their foreign news coverage while television channels find solace and financial security in producing localized international formats and film studios in remaking foreign movies. Advertising has a long history of dubbing international ads for local audiences while global advertising and marketing organizations are continuously expanding their network of local agencies. Perhaps most striking is the global dominance of a very select number of digital media companies that act as the platform providers for (hyper)local uses and user bases. These few companies are simultaneously providing the means for local users to reach global audiences. Therefore, our increasingly mediated encounters with cultural diversity in all its forms, the proliferation of borders, and the complexity of communication flows urgently deserve further academic exploration to advance our understanding of some of the major societal challenges of our time.

Etmaal van de Communicatiewetenschap 2018 welcomes proposals on a wide scope of topics that aim to discuss and reflect on today’s interconnected, international and transcultural media environment, and this in terms of theoretical concepts, applied methodology and empirical findings. Particular attention is devoted towards the cultural exchange and relationship between the Netherlands and Flanders who, although sharing the same language and having a history of joint ownerships and mergers, appear to be two media systems living apart together.

Abstracts, either on the conference theme of “transcultural exchanges & communication flows” or on other issues in media and communication sciences should be:

  • 750 words, references excluded
  • Written in Dutch or English
  • Clearly present topic, theoretical framework, method, data, results and conclusion
  • Indicate – at the beginning of your abstract – a division in which it should be considered (see NefCa for a description of each division):
    • Health Communication
    • Journalism
    • Media Psychology
    • Media Industries and Policies
    • Organizational Communication
    • Persuasive Communication
    • Political Communication
    • Popular Communication

The deadline for abstract submission is Sunday, 5 November, 23u59. Abstracts can be submitted here. This year, the Etmaal will only accept a maximum of one submission as the first author (with no limitation regarding submissions as co-author) to guarantee a diversity of speakers and equal changes for all to attend the conference.

Panels and pre-conferences

If you would like to propose a panel within the conference theme “Transcultural exchanges & communication flows”, please send a general outline (500 words) and discuss the specific topics that will be addressed in the panel (300 words/participant) to
It is also possible to propose a pre-conference. To that end, please send a proposal (approx. 500 words) outlining the preconference topic to by December 1st. Pre-conference submissions will be reviewed by the organizing committee. The conference rooms are available for free (excl. consumptions) on 8 February until 11h.

Notification of acceptance

Notifications of acceptance of abstracts, panels and pre-conferences will be communicated mid December 2017.

Special issue Tijdschrift voor Communicatiewetenschap

For the conference, we ask you to submit a 750-word abstract. Full papers are thus NOT required, and only the 750-word abstract will be subjected to peer review to decide upon acceptance for the conference. However, a special issue of Tijdschrift voor Communicatiewetenschap will be devoted to the outstanding work that is presented at the 2018 Etmaal conference. If you wish to contribute to the special issue, full papers (written in Dutch) should be directly sent to Tijdschrift voor Communicatiewetenschap ( Deadline for submission is 16 March 2018.